A third of the year gone.

As of the 1st October 2011
Team Wesley Logistics
celebrated 10 years of service.

Where does the time go to? Here we are with a third of 2012 already behind us and the summer months fast approaching. At Team Wesley Logistics this first part of the year has flown by and we are pleased to say that the volume of traffic has been exceptional considering the problems we are all experiencing in these still uncertain times. The one thing you can be certain of is that Team Wesley Logistics are at the fore in providing a first class service and enjoying increasing interest in our service to the North and South of Ireland as well as services to and from Europe in fact all four corners of the globe! Although cost is something that is primary in our thoughts lets us not forget that we are in a service industry and this is something we take very seriously here at Team Wesley, please feel free to contact one of "The Team" to see what we can do to take the stress out of moving your cargo.

For those of you who are in an area of drought yet currently experiencing the other extreme of floods, we hope that things will return to some form of normality, whatever normality may be, very quickly?
With floods and disasters in mind please consider using our facility to insure your cargo with certificates issued online. Peace of mind may be cheaper than you think!

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