A new addition to the fleet

As of the 1st October 2011
Team Wesley Logistics
celebrated 10 years of service.

We at Team Wesley are pleased to announce an addition to our fleet. We have taken delivery of a Renault Premium 4.60, which, at the time of writing this news article was already on it's first foray into Ireland. I was very fortunate to be asked by Renault to attend the Truck racing at Donington Park, what a brilliant day, if you also attended then I am sure you will agree that seeing trucks limited to 100mph hurtling round a race circuit is some spectical, good for the kids both the big ones and the little ones too!

Yes I know you are probably wondering when these photographs of our new unit were taken as there are blue skies in full view but I can assure you the pictures are genuine and have not been tampered with, that is the sun reflecting in the windscreen and not the flash from the camera, the sun shines on the righteous or so they say!!

However, true to form the blue skies did not stay in view for long but then with the arrival of Wimbledon do they ever?

It always seems that we always have some form of disaster to comment on and this time there is no exception with the bad flooding that has just occurred in our region leaving people struggling once again, will it ever end?

I know, we make this statement on nearly every news letter but please consider using our facility to insure your cargo with certificates issued online. Peace of mind may be cheaper than you think!

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