Best Wishes for 2012

As of the 1st October 2011
Team Wesley Logistics
celebrated 10 years of service.

Best wishes to you all for 2012 we hope you enjoyed Christmas, had a nice break and are now ready to face the year ahead.

Last year we had some of the worst snow seen for decades, this year we appear to have escaped it so far, however, from the end of November right through to the start of 2012 we have all endured some problems with high winds and heavy rain causing major disruptions across the board, Alan, our deep sea expert and office gastronome (see September news feed) had a slight problem with a vessel coming in from the far east, each time she came within spitting distance of the UK mainland she was battered with storm force winds and had to turn tail and seek refuge in Amsterdam, after three attempts she finally made it!

Team Wesley's membership of the Elite Alliance Group, or EAG, a worldwide network of Freight Forwarders has proved quite benificial as we have at our fingertips like minded people who, when working as a global team, break down language and geographical barriers which eliminates problems normally encountered, we have utilised this on several occasions towards the end of 2011 to great effect speeding up the import/export process for you!

Let us hope that 2012 sees the beginning of the end with the worlds financial difficulties, the markets finally sort themselves out and we return to some form of stability, if only we could see what is around the next bend? Whatever your plans for 2012 we here at Team Wesley Logistics wish you every success.

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