New trailers hit the road

We are pleased to announce that the first four of fifteen new trailers are on the road as of the 2nd May.

Although we are currently in a refurbishment programme with our existing trailers we also decided to invest in a fleet of new trailers in order to keep up to the increasing work load which is growing week on week. The trailers are highly specified with equipment such as strengthened curtains, branch guards and recessed lighting to avoid “accidental” damage, all of which eliminates downtime in repairs. In short, the specification of the trailers is on a different level and will provide years of reliable service.


We have planned the production and delivery of the trailers over a period of the next few months, in fact another four are just about through the manufacturing process and are due to be with us by the 12th May latest, give us a day or two to prepare for the road and off they go.


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