Team Wesley delivers to the Falklands

We here at Team Wesley are please to announce the completion of a turnkey project for the Falkland Isles, probably the most buoyant economy on the planet, In recent years, the Falkland Islands have enjoyed remarkable growth and economic development to become one of the United Kingdom's most dynamic and proactive Overseas Territories. With continued growth in hydorcarbon exploration, Tourism, Farming and the development of export markets we here at Team Wesley look forward to managing further projects to and from the Falkland Islands, we wish every success to both the islanders and those involved here in the UK with the growth of the Falklands.

Once again we have to mention our involvement with local schools and government, following an article in the ifw wondering "if logistics was in the mix" when it comes to career choices in schools, this is a question that we have been asking for nearly twelve months now and with dogged determination we are slowly but surely getting through to the powers that be in local education! With the start of a new school term after the summer break we are expecting a renewed interest in our involvement with the local schools and colleges.

We have been asked to join the local government and education board on their Education & Enterprise Group in which Public, private and third sectors working together to facilitate an effective and co-ordinated approach to education for work and enterprise that fully supports Bradford's priorities for education, and its economic prosperity. This could not have been timed any better as this will help to promote our willingness to get involved withn the local education authorities.

On a lighter subject Alan, our deep sea and european import/export manager whose knowledge on freight forwarding is second to none, is a true gastronome and takes great delight in telling the rest of the Team what gourmet grub he is to consume that coming evening. His choice of food matches his in depth knowledge of global freight, only this week his evening meals have had a varied world wide influance including an Italian theme with a first class spaghetti bolognese, another evening it was on to America with authentic hot dogs , erm, six of them with the "works"!! Such is his enthusiasm it has now become a daily ritual in the office to ask "Alan what's for tea tonight?" We think it only fair at this juncture to point out that all these culinary delights are home made by his good lady wife. Friday lunchtime he joins us as we enjoy traditional fish & chips wi' bits, still fried in beef drip. look out for further news on Al and his food tour of the world. If you have any problems with transporting your wares in or out of the country then give "our Alan" a ring and he will help with any queries you may have.

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