The Festive Season fast approaches

As of the 1st October 2011
Team Wesley Logistics
celebrated 10 years of service.

And before you knew it the Christmas decorations were up!! Yes the festive season is fast approaching and we at Team Wesley Logistics delivered the first of many consignments of mince pies in mid October! Is it us or is the Christmas period getting that little bit earlier each year? If you are reading this whilst munching away on a mince pie then we could already have a connection with you as it may have been delivered by Team Wesley.

With all the problems the world is experiencing at the moment the one thing that remains a constant is freight still needs to be moved and we are happy to say that Team Wesley Logistics are at the fore in providing a first class service and enjoying increasing interest in our service to the North and South of Ireland as well as services to and from Europe in fact all four corners of the globe! Although cost is something that is primary in our thoughts lets us not forget that we are in a service industry and this is something we take very seriously here at Team Wesley, please feel free to contact one of "The Team" to see what we can do to take the stress out of moving your cargo.

We must take time out to offer our thoughts and condolences to all those caught up in the various natural and un-natural disasters that seem to be occurring at this present time and send our best wishes to all those currently under threat by others or Mother Nature. With Mother Nature's power in mind please consider using our facility to insure your goods with certificates issued online. Peace of mind could be cheaper than you think!

Last month our news feature from within the office was "Our Alan" and his gastronomic exploits, this month we would like to introduce Andrew, our Operations Director and Irish expert who is eagerly awaiting the birth of his third child which, as we type, is due anytime now. For those of you that know Andrew you will appreciate that he has a larger than life character and always has a happy and jovial manner whilst on the phone with customers, however, we regret to report that with the constant growth in traffic to and from the Emerald Isle he is struggling to stick to what was a strict and regimental keep fit regime with a regular hour long five a side football match every Thursday between 12.00 & 13.00 hrs. After this grueling workout he would return to the office ruddy faced and gasping for oxygen such is his level of devotion, one can of cream soda and a butty later he returns to full operational speed. The one thing that people don't know, as this is something he does not like anyone to know about and actually gets quite embarrassed about it, is that he is military trained and by watching Kung Fu Panda on many occasions with his two daughters as they think this is a character that he most resembles, see his skype picture, is also a highly tuned martial arts expert! His quest to maintain a high level of fitness in order to keep both body and mind as one is paramount and as such he takes all his nutritional advice from our Alan. For any enquiries or questions you may have on transport to and from Ireland do not hesitate to contact our Irish Guru and operations director Andrew Grange on 01274 678138, should Andrew not be available do not despair as you can talk to his trainer and mentor Dennis Sharp, our sales director who will be happy to assist with any enquiries you may have. To end, we are sure, here at Team Wesley, you will join us in wishing Andrew and his family many congratulations on the new addition to his family? Details will be posted

Should you be in need of a storage solution, be it long or short term, then please give us a call on 01274 678138 or email direct from this website as we have taken on more warehousing space, we will ensure that Andrew's dietary supplements leave adiquate space for your needs. Should you need it we can provide a pick and pack service to run hand in hand with our delivery service.

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