Industry Standard Terms & Conditions
Conditions of Carriage - CMR
RHA Conditions of Carriage (2009)

General Terms

All business transactions are subject to our Industry Standard terms and conditions. A full version of this document is available using the link above. Hard copies are available on request. In addition to these terms and conditions, further conditions apply which are detailed below.


Our liability in International road movements (except Eire, see below) is subject to CMR which limits the liability to 8.33 SDR's per kilo plus prorated freight costs. This document can also be found on our website, with hard copies available upon request. Please be advised that CMR convention does not apply to, amongst other items, furniture removals (see Article 1.4).

In the case of UK and Eire or sea freight movements, our Standard Trading Conditions apply, and this is 2 SDR's per kilo plus prorated freight costs. The rate of exchange for the SDR (also known as XDR) fluctuates daily and we suggest you check the website www.xe.com to obtain current rates of exchange.


Most goods are covered under our liability insurance policy up to the level of CMR, or our Standard Trading Conditions, whichever is applicable. However, not all goods are covered under our policy, and therefore we urge clients to ensure their goods are adequately insured by other means in the case that our policy excludes such items from liability.

Such items which are not insured are; living creatures, bullion, cash and the like, bank notes, stamps, prepaid phone cards and similar, bonds, treasury notes, securities or explosives, fine arts, specie and negotiable instruments, wines & spirits, tobacco products, non-ferrous metals in all forms, furs and ready made garments, mobile phones and similar associated products, precious stones or metals and articles made of such materials, audio/visual equipment, computer equipment, software & accessories, photographic equipment & accessories and household or industrial goods during removal or storage which includes personal effects.

If in any doubt, please refer to our insurance policy on our website which deals with all exclusions in greater detail.

Hazardous Goods

If the consignment is of a hazardous nature, we expect that the correct documentation be supplied on collection, including Dangerous Goods Notes and Hazard Diamond Labels. If any consignment is received without the correct documentation, the consignment may be short shipped and still charged for unless it is possible to complete the documentation from information pre-advised. 


If credit is granted, standard terms are strictly 30 days from invoice date, unless otherwise agreed in the application for credit. These terms apply irrespective of any other statement expressed in writing by either party.

In the case of any late payment, we reserve the right to charge Late Payment Interest in accordance with legislation in force at the time. We also reserve the right, in extreme circumstances, to exercise a lien on cargoes which may be in our possession.

Proofs of Delivery

We do not, as standard, provide proofs of delivery. If proofs of delivery are required for specific consignments we will gladly provide these when available. However, we do not accept that non-provision of a proof of delivery provides reason to withhold payment of our freight invoice and all our invoices are due for payment within the allotted terms.


Please be assured that we will do everything possible to meet any collection and/or delivery criteria quoted in our correspondence. However, please be aware that in the event of delays beyond our control, we cannot be held responsible for any attributed costs which may be incurred. Any transit times are quoted in good faith and are never to be considered as a guarantee.

Aborted/Altered Consignments
In the event that a consignment is cancelled or reduced without providing sufficient notice, we reserve the right to charge for the consignment as if it had been completed as booked, either in full, or in part in the event that the space is reused with other consignments. We define 'sufficient notice' as 24 hours warning in the case of full or part loads, and 6 normal working hours in the case of Groupage consignments. In the case of Special Equipment, this can vary depending on the type of movement, but would consider up to 7 days advance warning.

Holiday Periods

During August many countries virtually 'closedown' for holidays, in particular - Italy, Spain, France. On the run up to these holiday periods we may apply a surcharge for placement of trailers, in which case you will be notified in writing as least 3 weeks before. The usual period for such charges is the last week of July and the first three weeks of August, although depending on the calendar these dates may vary.

In the case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification of any of the items mentioned in this document.